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Carrara Marble

Year: 1997
Editions: Unique (M4)
Dimensions: h 30 x d 39 x l 22 cm

A certificate of authenticity will be given to the buyer

This beautiful marble sculpture for sale is by Michel Bassompierre. The sculpture, called “Le Jeu n°1” depicts a bear cubs playing with itself. The cub is lying down and has his four paws up in the air. The artwork is truely beautiful and is almost lifelike.  You can sense how the bear cub is moving and rolling around.

Michel Bassompierre is a renowed French animal sculpture, and is famous throughout Europe. His amazing talent and dedication has earned him the Prix François Pompon in 2017! Each one of his animal sculptures are unique, lifelike and full of emotion. Michel Bassompierre usually likes to sculpt bears and gorillas. We have several of his artworks available for purchase. Feel free to have a look at his other artworks, and to contact us should you have any quesions.

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