Michel Bassompierre

Born in 1948, graduate of sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Rouen in the studio of René Leleux, this “young artist of 69 years old” as he likes to define himself, is exposed in all major Parisian salons and won the most prestigious national awards.

His bronzes and marble from Carrara (Italy) are doing the delight of the big international collectors, major exhibitions or museums. Michel Bassompierre shows us, with great humility, how he excels in the study of drawing and shapes. His animals, bears, horses, elephants or gorillas, very softly, let themselves be caressed by light. The artist likes to play with shadows to better showcase volumes. For him, freedom is first mastering anatomical and technical constraints and in fact, after fifty years of “gestation”, he finally “gave birth” to a mature and accomplished work. “I may be born with a pencil pencil in hand, I was not a musician, I was not an accountant, or anything, I was a sculptor… The sculpture is the materialization of a dream. The dream to give life to something that was in his head”.

Michel Bassompierre exhibits his artworks in galleries in Paris, Lyon, Dinard, Geneva, Brussels, Courchevel, La Baule, Arcachon, Megève and St Tropez. Michel Bassompierre was the guest of the Museum François Pompon in Saulieu (France) in 2015 for his bears and in 2016 for his gorillas.

You can now buy Michel Bassompierre’s amazing sculptures on artvie.com!

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