Catherine Zoubtchenko

Catherine Zoubtchenko’s art, offers a universe, landscapes, geographies, where reigns “balance and harmony” through Abstraction. Thanks to the vocabulary of pure colours and lines of Abstraction, it is indeed possible to reach the universal.

Unlike her master (and lover), André Lanskoy, Zoubtchenko is not confined to what Mondrian called, in a controversial way, “pathetic lyricism”. As an expression of struggle and combat, sometimes tragic, as “a reflection of desire oblivious to get rid of the oppression of imbalance.”

Even if, the psychology of Mondrian has nothing to do with the joyous and exuberant exaltation of the Russian Zoubtchenko, both have the same concern for giving man through different means, instead of the disorder and chaos of his existence and the existence of the world, another reality of other rhythms; at the root of all things.

Artvie is now proud to showcase Catherine Zoubtchenko’s abstract paintings. You can buy Catherine Zoubtchenko’s paintings on!

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