Artem Ogurtsov

Artem Ogurtsov was born on the 1st of February 1980 in Moscow – Russia. Artem graduated from an art college in 1997, and proceeded to study at the Faculty of Graphic Design in Stroganov, Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. He finished his artistic studies in 2003. For a long time after his studies, Artem Ogurtsov worked as a designer in various professional areas.

Due to the lack of creative realization, Artem Ogurtsov decided to start a new path, migrated to an independent artistic path. Artem Ogurtsov works and experiments with a variety of paintings, graphic materials and techniques. “I prefer a sophisticated synthesis of oil glazing techniques, collages, scratching and my own techniques”. In fact, his paintings can take several months of hard work to complete! Artem is now also experimenting with video art.

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