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With over 30 years of experience in art, ARTVIE has the pleasure of presenting exquisite artworks to you. Each artwork is carefully curated by our team and can be bought directly with us.

Russian Silverware Now Available!

Russian art is popular throughout the world and known for its superior style and craftsmanship.

A Video About Ulie Schwab

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Portrait of Female Painting Catherine Zoubtchenko

Catherine Zoubtchenko

ARTVIE is proud to showcase artworks by the renowned French painter Catherine Zoubtchenko


Bronze sculpture "Elevation" by Nancy Vuylsteke de Laps for sale

Figurative sculptures

An artist who has devoted himself to the art of sculpture is called a sculptor or a sculptor.

In the works of individual artists, they exist separately, but others combine them: for example, a model is molded from clay, plaster or wax, and then transferred to solid materials or cast in bronze or porcelain

Explore our NFT collection!

Artvie is up to date with the latest art trends and we have created a special NFT-collection, that can be viewed & purchased at


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