Certificate of Authenticity

All artworks on Artvie have a certificate of authenticity (COA), a signed document proving the authenticity of the artwork and containing specific details about the artwork for the collector's reference. This document should be present inside the package with your artwork.

According to the copyright policy, all photos on Artvie have a digital watermark to provide copyright protection for intellectual property of the authors.


On Artvie you can pay by most major credit and debit cards including VISA, MasterCard and American Express, or wire transfer.
Select “Wire transfer”. Fill in the online form and once your payment has been successfully gone through and is confirmed, delivery of the ordered products will be initiated. Then, you will receive an invoice with the detailed information about the purchase.
Choose an artwork and request for the price. You will be asked to register on the website to continue bidding. If a price sounds good to you, please select a delivery service and get an invoice. Once the order is validated, a copy of an invoice will be sent to your email and the gallery delivers an artwork.
If you want to use this method, just choose Invoice payment, select an artwork you need and enter details. You will need to confirm an order and a receipt will be sent to your email address. Depending on the currency all gallery details in your invoice will be entered automatically. An invoice will include the price of the artwork and the taxes.
We provide our customers with 100% secure payment protected by PayBox System solution. Your sensitive information about credit card details, address and name is encrypted. PayBox encryption technology secures all order pages in the online-shop using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). That’s why your confidential information is protected and accessible only by PayBox. Each new order you will be asked to enter billing information once again.

Delivery information

We pack your art with extra care and send it to you just as fast as we can. We offer our customers safe and professional delivery of artworks. On our website you can use two types of international delivery services: Harsch and DHL, which are fully specified on fine arts transportation.
Harsch is an expert in packing up and transporting works of art in Switzerland and abroad. Their logistic platform is based in Geneva, that’s why your sculptures, painting or photos will be delivered in time and their specialists will take care of your artworks. The huge range of appropriate materials for each work of art and method of transport. A suggested link to start delivery with Harsch: http://www.harsch.ch/en/contact/index.php?continue=ok
DHL is the most international company in the world and can offer solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs. It provides different convenient types of the international express deliveries all over the world. Just select the most suitable way of transportation of an artwork and DHL will deliver it for you. Here is the website to get more information about DHL and other details: http://www.dhl.com/en
Usually Shipping time depends on how many days galleries need to drop off the artwork to the carrier company or private person. The actual delivery time frame will vary based on your destination and your country's customs office. Note that international orders shipped with standard delivery cannot be tracked and may take up to 20 business days to deliver.

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